How do I send tickets?

Sending a ticket to someone on SeatGeek is just like giving or selling someone a paper ticket, except that it’s electronic, happens instantly, and you can automatically charge money for a ticket if you wish.

Sending tickets is useful in many scenarios. You might send a ticket to a friend so that she can meet you inside the venue or if you have an extra ticket to an event and can no longer use it.

Plus, it's entirely free! SeatGeek doesn’t charge you a cent to send your tickets.

How do I send tickets?
Sending tickets to friends on SeatGeek is super easy! Head to the “Tickets” section of your account and you should see an option “Send” your tickets. Once you select “Send”, you’ll be prompted to choose the number of tickets, the recipient, and, if you choose, a price for each transfer. From here you can easily send tickets to any email, SeatGeek username, or U.S. mobile number by text. Hit the green “Send” option at the bottom and your tickets will be sent!

Your recipient will then receive their notification via text or email where they’ll be prompted to accept these tickets into a new or existing SeatGeek account. You can also easily cancel a transfer that has not been accepted at any time through the SeatGeek app.

Sending Tickets on iOS: 

Sending Tickets on Android: 

Sending Tickets on Web: 

How do I accept tickets that have been sent to me?
When someone has sent a ticket transfer you will receive an e-mail letting you know you have a pending transfer.  If you already have a SeatGeek account, just log in to the app and accept the transfer.

If you do not have a SeatGeek account, you will be prompted to create one, using the same e-mail the tickets were transferred to, in order to complete the transfer and access your tickets.

More of a visual learner? Check out the videos above to learn how to send your tickets on iOS, Android, and desktop!