What is Parties?

SeatGeek Parties is a new way to invite a group of friends or family to an event without the hassle of transferring a bunch of tickets individually or trying to coordinate schedules in order to arrive at and enter the event at the same time. Whether you're the host or a guest, SeatGeek Parties will take all the stress out of your ticket sharing and give you more time to focus on all the fun you're going to have at your event! 


SeatGeek Parties is not available on every ticket. Check your tickets for more information.

How SeatGeek Parties works

It's easy! One person - the Party Host - buys all the tickets for their party and invites their Party Guests with a shared link (URL). That one link will give each Guest access to their own ticket.

  1. The Party Host taps "Invite Guests" to start a Party

    Your ticket view

  2. The Host selects the number of ticket's they'd like to share with guests and then taps "Invite guests."

    Party ticket quantity 

  3. The Host will be given their choice of how to share the Party link. From there, they can send the link to Guests in whatever way they want!

    Link Sharing view 

Do I need a SeatGeek account to join a Party?

Yes - you will need to have a SeatGeek account in order to claim a ticket to a party. We recommend downloading the SeatGeek app on your mobile device, but you can also claim and access a ticket using the SeatGeek mobile website. 

What if one of my guests can't go to the event?

As the Party Host, you will have the ability to remove Guests from the invite if they can't attend or if plans change. Doing so will revert their ticket back to your SeatGeek account so you can sell the ticket, use it yourself, or invite another Guest! If everyone's plans change, you can cancel the party completely - at which point all tickets will be returned to your SeatGeek account. Simply tap "Manage Party" to see your options.   

Manage Party button  options to manage tickets, remove guests, or cancel party

What if we want to add a guest to our party? 

As long as you have tickets still available, you can use your Party link (URL) to invite whoever you want! Following that link will allow your Guests to claim an available ticket in your Party.

Can I sell tickets that are in the Party?

If you are the Party Host, then yes! You can sell any tickets in the party. If the tickets you sell are already claimed by a Guest in your party, that Guest will receive a notification to claim a new ticket (if there are any still available). Please note that all sales are irreversible and SeatGeek is unable to cancel any sale once it is made. Check out this article for step-by-step instructions on how to sell your tickets!

Guests cannot sell tickets from a Party. 

What happens if my Party Host sells my ticket? 

If your Party Host sells your ticket, you will receive a push notification and a chance to accept a new ticket if any are still available. The image below is what you'll see if there are tickets available:

Claim new ticket screen

Otherwise, you'll see this: 

No tickets left available screen