Why am I not receiving emails from SeatGeek?

Your safety is extremely important to SeatGeek. In order to maintain email security, we follow strict authentication protocols (such as SPF, DKIM, and DMARC) for our email correspondence.

For most people, this all happens behind the scenes; however, if you are subscribed to transaction, marketing, or security alert emails from SeatGeek, but you aren't receiving them, it may be that your email service provider or your email account settings are to blame.

The below are common contributors to emails not reaching you:

  • Your email service provider does not comply with Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting And Conformance (DMARC),
  • Your email account has automatic email forwarding enabled, or
  • Your email account uses an email proxy or spam filter that does not support DKIM survival. 

Some easy first steps you can take if you are having any of these issues are:

  • Check your SeatGeek account settings to make sure you are subscribed to receive updates and emails, 
  • Use the email address linked to your SeatGeek account (the email address you use to sign in), and
  • Use a major email service provider that supports modern email authentication protocols.