How do I send tickets?

Sending tickets to friends on SeatGeek is super easy! If your tickets are uploaded to your SeatGeek account, head to the Tickets section of your account and you should see an option to send your tickets.

Select Send, and choose the number of tickets you want to send and the recipient for each transfer. Hit the green Send option at the bottom and your tickets will be sent!

iOS Android Web

1. Open the SeatGeek app.

2. Tap Tickets in the navigation bar at the bottom

4. Tap Send and enter the name, username, email or phone number of the person you are sending tickets to*.

5. Click Quantity and select the number of tickets that you want to send. 

6. Tap Send.

Your recipient will then receive their notification via text or email where they’ll be prompted to accept these tickets into a new or existing SeatGeek account. You can easily cancel a pending transfer at any time until it has been accepted.

I sent my tickets. Why do they say 'Pending'?

Transferred tickets will show as 'Pending' in the sender's account until they are accepted by the recipient. After the tickets are accepted, their status in the sender's account will change to 'Accepted.' Learn more here.

How do I accept tickets that someone sends to me?

When someone transfers a ticket to you, an e-mail notification will let you know you have a pending transfer. Check out this article for more details!

Can I send tickets to someone who doesn't have a SeatGeek account?

You bet! Enter the person's email you would like to send the tickets to. They will receive an email with instructions on how to accept the tickets and how to access them.

Can I cancel sending a ticket after someone has accepted it?

You can’t undo a transfer after it’s already been accepted. Once you send tickets to someone and that person accepts, the tickets have been transferred to that person's account.

However, you can cancel sending if the recipient has not yet accepted the tickets!