Why aren't my orchestra tickets in the center of the row?

SeatGeek connects ticket sellers with buyers, and in that capacity, we map tickets for thousands of events. Our mapping relies on ticket information provided by the sellers that hold the inventory. 

In some cases, sellers aren’t able to provide specific section information when they list their tickets. This affects our ability to map the listing within a given section. For example, if a seller lists their tickets and describes them simply as Orchestra - Row D, there is no way for us to know whether the tickets are in the center, right or left orchestra section.

Since we don’t know the exact location within the section, these listings will default to showing up in the geographical center of the map. When that specific listing is clicked on, the entire row (including orchestra left, orchestra center, and orchestra right) would be highlighted, indicating that the tickets could be located anywhere within that larger section. There's also a popup message that warns that the ticket could be anywhere in the highlighted row.