How do I sort and filter listings?

SeatGeek has different filters that help you find the perfect set of tickets, no matter your preference!

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When viewing an event, tap or click the buttons at the top of the ticket listings to sort by quantity, price, Seat Perks, ticket type, and more!

sort by price


You can find more filters by tapping or clicking this button:

additional filters button


You should then see these additional filters: 

additional filters screen

What is a Seat Perk?

Seat Perks are extra and/or special conditions applied to a listing for qualifying events. Seat Perks you might see in a listing include but are not limited to:

  • Aisle seats - one or more seats in the listing are an aisle seat (if you purchase the entire listing).
  • Complimentary Parking - a parking pass or other type of parking reservation is included with the purchase.
  • Discounts on Merchandise - seats come with a special discount which can be used on select merchandise in the stadium or team store.
  • "Loaded Value" - The listing includes a pre-set, credited dollar amount which can be spent on concessions and other participating items within the stadium or venue.
  • Venue Tours - the listing includes a complementary venue tour (contact the venue for details if they are not listed on the ticket).
  • Suite access - the listing is inside a suite or includes access to a suite.
  • Cushioned seats - the seats in this listing are cushioned and more comfortable than standard stadium seats.
  • Private bathroom access - this listing gives you access to a private bathroom.
  • Private entry - the listing will give you access to a private entrance which may reduce the time you have to spend in lines and big crowds.

How does SeatGeek get their Seat Perk information?

SeatGeek gets this info directly from our Partners and applies them automatically to eligible listings. Venues and teams give us information on their seat maps, concessions, and other special offers so that you have all the information you need to buy the best seats!

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