Will the view from my seat actually look like what’s shown when I’m selecting tickets?

We try our best to provide you with the most accurate image of what we expect the view from your seat will be! However, while the view from seat image you see will be from the same section where your seat will be located, it may not show the actual view from your specific seat and will not be identical to the actual view you will have.

This is particularly the case when you can only select a general section or row, instead of a specific seat, where the actual view from your seat will vary depending on where exactly in the section or row you will be seated. For example, the view from the front row of the section will be different from the view from the last row of the same section, which will particularly be the case if the section covers a large area or various areas at the venue. 

Rest assured, each ticket listing will tell you if your seat will have any partial or obstructed views.