Does SeatGeek charge a fee to buy tickets?

When you buy tickets on SeatGeek, you will be charged service and delivery fees which can vary based on the event and the type of ticket that you’re receiving. SeatGeek’s fees are in a range commensurate with other ticket market participants’ fees, and are driven by the same supply and demand factors. These fees help SeatGeek keep the lights on, pay the sellers that list tickets on our marketplace, and continue to provide a great product for finding live events. 

You can view listings with or without the fees included by toggling the Prices with fees filter while viewing an event on the SeatGeek website or by tapping Filters when viewing an event in the SeatGeek app. You will also see a breakdown of the delivery and service fees for your order before it's submitted.

Since the fees are part of the cost of your order and displayed to you before placing an order, we cannot offer a refund for them unless your event is cancelled outright. Taxes may also apply to your purchase if you are purchasing tickets to an event in a location which mandates sales and or entertainment taxes.

Check out the videos below to see how to filter listings. 

Android iOS Web

1. Open the SeatGeek app and find an event.

2. Tap Filter in the navigation bar, just above the list of available tickets.

3. You can show prices with the fees included, change ticket quantity, and filter for promo-eligible tickets.

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