Why was I offered replacement tickets?

Once your order is confirmed, it's covered by our Buyer Guarantee. This means that if a seller doesn't deliver your tickets as stated in our guarantee, we will go out of our way to find you comparable or upgraded replacement tickets and you don't have to pay a thing. In these rare situations, sellers may offer upgraded tickets for your order as well. 

Can I get different replacement tickets than what was offered?

Our first priority is to make sure that you see the event and our team of Event Experts will work with you to find the right replacement tickets. If you're not happy with the replacement tickets that are offered, we can issue a full refund for your order. 

I accepted replacement tickets but don't want them anymore.

If you purchased tickets and we have to offer you replacements, you can choose to accept them or receive a full refund for your order. If you accept replacement tickets and change your mind, we cannot cancel your order. However, if the tickets are uploaded to your account then you can resell the tickets on the SeatGeek Marketplace. 

When will I receive my replacement tickets?

Replacement tickets are still subject to a venue's delayed release policy, so you may not receive them right away. No need to worry, you'll receive your replacement tickets in time for the event.

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