How do I use my promo code?

Promo codes, or "SeatGeek Credit," can be entered at checkout or in the Promo Codes tab of your account settings. You do need to be signed into your SeatGeek account to use a promo code, but it's easy and free to register! Plus, it makes future purchases a breeze.

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1. Open the SeatGeek app.

2. Tap Me in the navigation bar at the bottom.

3. Tap Enter Promo Code.

4. Type your promo code into the text field and tap Done.

5. At checkout, tap the downward arrow next to the words 'Have a code?' and make sure to select the code you want to use. Here, you can also add a new code at checkout by tapping 'Add Code'

If a promo code is properly applied, it will reflect on your payment breakdown and total before you submit payment.


SeatGeek does not give out promo codes upon request. Our promo codes are available through our many Brand Ambassadors and Affiliates, so a quick internet search should bring up a number of great promo code options! SeatGeek will also run specials on occasion where a promo code may be offered. If you have a SeatGeek account, those offers will be sent to you via email so keep an eye out! Unless otherwise stated, promo codes are one-time-use only and eligible for use only on your first purchase.

Why isn't my promo code working?

SeatGeek lists tickets from many markets and sellers, but not all markets support promo code use. Many promo codes also have restrictions on them, including but not limited to: minimum purchase amount, a first-time buyer only, and expiration date. You can view restrictions for any code you have applied on your Account page. If your listing is promo-eligible, you will see an option to add a promo code to your order at checkout. If your order is eligible for a discount and you're still having trouble, please contact us by scrolling down and tapping Get Help or Help and Support in the Me tab of the SeatGeek app. Click here to see how. 

How do I know which tickets are available for a promo code?

While most listings on SeatGeek are eligible for discounts, there are some listings from our affiliate partners that do not qualify. It’s really easy to see which listings are eligible, though! Once you find an event, click through to the event page to see the venue map. If you're using the app or mobile website, click on the Filters symbol and select Supports Promo Codes. If you're on desktop, click on the All Ticket Types drop-down and select Promo Eligible. Now, all of the listings that are displayed will be eligible for discounts! More of a visual learner? Click here for more information on how to sort and filter listings. 

Can I use more than one promo code on a purchase?

You may only apply one promo code per purchase. If you have multiple promo codes saved to your account, we will automatically apply the newest applicable code to your next purchase and you can choose to remove it or use an alternate promo code on the checkout screen.

What if I forgot to enter my promo code at checkout?

SeatGeek is unable to retroactively apply promo codes to orders once they're placed. 

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