How do I accept and access mobile transfer tickets?

Some venues prefer to use paperless tickets, or mobile transfers for entry because it’s a more secure delivery method than traditional print-at-home tickets. Mobile transfers are tickets that are delivered via an email or link from a third-party app and need to be presented from the third-party's app or mobile website with an Android device or iPhone. 

There's no need to worry if you don't receive your tickets right away. Most mobile transfer tickets will not be immediately available. As an event draws closer, venues generate the barcodes for each ticket. Many venues release their tickets 24 hours before the event as a security measure, so it's normal to receive them the day before or the day of the event. The seller will transfer your tickets to you as soon as they receive them from the venue

You'll receive an email from the third-party (usually from the team or the venue's preferred ticketing platform) prompting you to accept your ticket transfer. Mobile tickets can't be transferred to your SeatGeek account and need to be displayed from the venue or team’s preferred ticketing platform. The video below shows the process of accepting most mobile transfers. 

1. Check your inbox. Mobile transfer emails can be found in your promotion, junk, and spam folders with the subject line Your Ticket Transfer Offer.

  • You can also search for the phrases sent you tickets, forwarded you or for an email from 

2. Click the link in the email and create an account with the same email address used to place your order.

3. Tap Accept Offer and head to Tickets.


Mobile transfers can also be delivered to you as a link. In these cases, SeatGeek will send you an email that includes a link to your tickets. You can also find the link in the Tickets section of your account.

I haven’t received my mobile transfer tickets yet.

Some venues may not release their tickets until 24 hours before an event. This is what is referred to as a delayed-release. This practice is implemented to help protect people's tickets from potential fraud. Tickets may be released outside of a seller's normal business hours, so you may receive them the day before or on the day of the event. 

Your tickets are guaranteed to be delivered before the event! Keep an eye out in your inbox, junk, and spam folders for an email from either Ticketmaster, AXS, the venue, or from the home team prompting you to accept the tickets.

I haven't received my AXS tickets yet

Some venues require their tickets to be delivered via a third-party service like AXS. As the event draws near, you will receive an email prompting you to accept your tickets similar to a mobile transfer. AXS tickets are delivered within 24-48 hours of the event. After following the instructions provided, your tickets will be displayed as a digital barcode in the AXS app. The event staff will scan this digital barcode to let you and your party into the event. For more information click here

I can't find the email with my mobile transfer tickets

We have a couple of tips for you! The invite to claim your mobile transfer tickets will be sent to the email address used when placing your SeatGeek order 24 hours before an event. Sometimes the tickets will come directly from the seller, so you may see that an unfamiliar name sent you tickets. Try searching the name of the artist, venue, or home team (Example: For a New York Yankees game, search 'Yankees'). If that doesn’t pull up an email then try searching for the word transfer, the phrase sent you tickets, or an email from If you still cannot locate the transfer e-mail after completing these steps, please contact us by scrolling down and tapping Contact Support while viewing your order in the SeatGeek app. Click here to see how.

I can't see my mobile transfers or I'm having trouble accepting them.

  • Sometimes the tickets or QR codes are not viewable until the day of the event. This is a policy enforced by venues to keep your tickets safe. Rest assured that as long as you’ve accepted the tickets, they are yours. Your barcodes will appear in the third-party app in time for the event. If you're unable to see your tickets in the third-party app hours before the event begins, please contact us by scrolling down and tapping Contact Support while viewing your order in the SeatGeek app. Click here to see how.
  • If you get an error message when accepting your tickets, go back to your main account page in the 3rd-party app and check in the “tickets'' section. It is possible the tickets are already in your account, and that’s why you got the error message!

Can I change the format of my mobile transfer tickets?

The venue determines the format of the tickets. This means SeatGeek cannot change the delivery format. This will be the method of entry for the majority of attendees to your event. For more information on ticket formats, click here

How do I transfer 3rd party mobile transfer tickets?

  • While the details of transferring tickets may vary depending on which 3rd party platform you’re using, the general process is the same: 
    • Log into the platform where you originally accepted your tickets
    • Click to view the tickets you want to transfer
    • There should be a “transfer” or “send” button next to the ticket view 
    • Enter the information (usually name and email) of the intended recipient of your tickets and confirm
    • You’re all set!
  • Here are some guides on transferring tickets for common 3rd party platforms (please note that these links will take you away from the SeatGeek support center page):

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