How are my mobile transfer tickets delivered?

Some venues prefer to use paperless tickets, or mobile transfers for entry because it’s a more secure delivery method than traditional print-at-home tickets. Mobile transfers are tickets that are emailed to you via a third-party service. Use the same email address to place your order and create an account with the third-party service to accept the tickets. Once you have accepted the tickets, they will need to be presented on the service's app or mobile website with an Android device or iPhone. 

There's no need to worry if you don't receive your tickets right away. As the event draws closer, venues begin to release the tickets. Your mobile transfer ticket will be sent to your email address within 48 hours of the event.

You'll receive an email from the third-party (usually from the team or the venue's preferred ticketing platform) prompting you to accept your ticket transfer. The example below shows the process for most mobile transfers.

1. Check your inbox, junk, and spam folders for an email with the subject line Your Ticket Transfer Offer

  • You can also search for the phrases sent you tickets, forwarded you or for an email from 

2. Click the link in the email and create an account with the same email address used to place your order.

3. Tap Accept Offer and head to Tickets.


Mobile transfer tickets will be delivered outside of SeatGeek within the venue or team’s preferred ticketing platform within 48 hours of the event. Since mobile transfer tickets can't leave the platform on which they were created, you’ll be required to set up an account with a third party to have access to them.

I haven’t received my mobile transfer tickets yet.

Depending on the venue, some tickets aren't available until 48 hours before the event. This is what is referred to as a delayed-release. This practice is implemented to help protect people's tickets from potential fraud. 

However, your tickets are guaranteed to be delivered before the event! Keep an eye out in your inbox, junk, and spam folders for an email from either Ticketmaster or from the team prompting you to accept the tickets.

I can’t find the email with my mobile transfer tickets.

We have a couple of tips for you! The invite to claim your mobile transfer tickets will be sent to the email address used when placing your SeatGeek order within 48 hours of the eventSometimes the tickets will come directly from the seller, so you may see that an unfamiliar name sent you tickets.

Try searching the name of the artist, venue, or home team (Example: For Red Sox vs Yankees, search for Yankees). If that doesn’t pull up an email then try searching for the word transfer, the phrase sent you tickets, or an email from

If you still cannot locate the transfer e-mail after completing these steps, please contact us and our team of Event Experts will be happy to assist you. Click here for more information on contacting our team.

I accepted my mobile transfer tickets but I can’t see them in the app.

Sometimes the tickets or QR codes are not viewable until the day of the event. This is a policy enforced by venues to keep your tickets safe. Rest assured as long as you’ve accepted those tickets, they are yours and the barcodes will appear either via Ticketmaster or the team’s app in time for the game.

If you're unable to see your tickets in the third-party app hours before the event begins, please contact us and our team of Event Experts will be happy to assist you. Click here for more information on contacting our team. 

Can I change the format of mobile transfer tickets?

The venue determines the format of the tickets. This means SeatGeek cannot change the delivery format. This will be the method of entry for the majority of attendees to your event.

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