What are seller notes?

We always want you to know what you’re getting, so sellers will sometimes leave helpful notes on their listings. The notes may describe the delivery method or any additional information about the tickets that you’re purchasing like amenities or obstructed views, so make sure to read them carefully before buying your tickets. Here’s a helpful guide:

 Seller Note  Description
ADA American Disabilities Act. These seats are ADA accessible.
AXS A mobile transfer sent via the AXS app.  Click here for more information.
LPU The tickets will be available for pick up, near the venue. 
Mobile transfer/ TM/TMX/XFER A mobile transfer sent via the TicketMaster app. Click here for more information.
MLB Ballpark/MLB A mobile transfer sent through via the MLB Ballpark app.  Click here for more information.
Obstructed/Limited View These seats have a limited or obstructed view
Piggyback These seats are arranged across multiple rows but still adjacent. 
Will Call These tickets will be left at the venue's will call