Selling MLB tickets on SeatGeek: FAQs

Selling your MLB tickets on SeatGeek is easy and we are always here to help answer questions! Here is a breakdown of some common questions to get you started:

Please Note:

Instructions in this article are for MLB Baseball games only. Events other than Baseball (like concerts) which take place in an MLB venue may use a third party platform or ticket provider. Please refer to your order information for more info about concerts and other similar events. Depending on the type of ticket and the third party platform (if any) in use, tickets for events may still be 

Which MLB tickets can I sell on SeatGeek?

Any MLB game tickets can be resold on SeatGeek! For most tickets, your MLB Club account will simply need to be linked to your SeatGeek account. For others, you can upload your barcodes in order to sell tickets.

For more information on how to link your MLB and SeatGeek accounts, check out this article.

For more information on how to upload barcodes your MLB barcodes, check out this article.

Will I need a SeatGeek account?

Yes. In order to sell tickets on SeatGeek, you will need to create a SeatGeek account. SeatGeek accounts are not the same as an MLB Ballpark or MLB team account. Don't worry though, because setting up your account is super quick and easy - all you'll need is your name, email, and a password. Visit to get started!

What personal info do I need to provide in order to sell on SeatGeek?

In order to sell tickets on SeatGeek, you will need to provide your bank account details, and some additional information required for tax purposes. Additional info for tax purposes may include your name, address, and Social Security Number (SSN may be needed for USA sellers as per the IRS. See here for more details). In some cases, you may receive an email requesting additional information but only if absolutely necessary to securely verify your identity.

We take your security very seriously. For more details on why certain info may be required, please check out this article

How do I list my MLB tickets on SeatGeek?

If you purchased your MLB tickets on SeatGeek, you can resell them by following these steps:

  1. Visit the Tickets tab on our website or app or start here,
  2. Click or tap the event you'd like to sell for
  3. Tap the button that says "Create or Link MLB Account"
  4. Create or log into your MLB team account and allow SeatGeek access to it in order to view, manage, and sell your tickets. 
  5. Click or tap the Sell Tickets button, and
  6. Follow the instructions that pop up to set your price and finish listing!

If you purchased your tickets elsewhere, they should be made available in your MLB Ballpark or Club-specific account. You can sell your tickets by following these steps:

  1. Log into your Club-specific account as normal and navigate to “My Tickets,”
  2. Once in your Club account, click "Sell" and select the tickets you'd like to list for sale. Tap continue and you will be redirected to SeatGeek,
  3. After logging into SeatGeek, you will see the tickets you were looking at in your MLB account! You will also see a "Link account" button at the top of your screen
  4. To finish linking your accounts and importing the rest of your tickets, tap or click the "Link account" button and select your team. (Note: some Clubs do not support account linking and will be "greyed out" in the pop up menu. To sell tickets for any of those clubs, see "How do I add MLB ticket barcodes to SeatGeek?" below).
  5. After selecting your team, log into your MLB team account and allow SeatGeek access to it in order to view, manage, and sell your tickets. 
  6. Back in SeatGeek, tap "Sell" and select the events you'd like to sell for. 
  7. Click or tap the Sell Tickets button, and
  8. Follow the instructions that pop up to set your price and finish listing!

How do I add MLB ticket barcodes to SeatGeek?

For the following teams, you can import your single-game tickets by entering the barcode number directly into SeatGeek: New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox, Seattle Mariners, Atlanta Braves, Arizona Diamondbacks, Colorado Rockies, or San Diego Padres.

Here's how: 

  1. Head over to the "Tickets" section of your SeatGeek account
  2. Select "+ add tickets"

    add tickets button

  3. Next, select "Add MLB Tickets" 

    add MLB Tickets button

  4. A pop-up screen will open for you to search for your home team (from the list of teams above). Enter your home team's name and click on their name in the results

    Search for team

  5. Once you've selected your home team, a pop up window will open with the option to manually enter your barcodes. Click or tap the button that says "Enter Barcodes"

    enter barcodes button

  6. Next, you'll be asked to select the game you're selling for, the section, row, and quantity of tickets your selling for that game, and then finally, you'll be able to add the barcode numbers for each ticket and then upload them to SeatGeek.

How much should I sell my tickets for?

That's up to you! Some tickets may have a minimum cost (which will be shown during the listing phase) but other than that, you can set the price at whatever you want.

If you're not comfortable setting your own price, or if you're simply not sure what a competitive price would be, SeatGeek will suggest a price during the listing phase based on historical and present data for your seats. 

Will SeatGeek charge me fees to sell my tickets?

If you sell your tickets on SeatGeek, we do collect a fee of 10%. This is to keep our platform healthy and running. When you type in the price for which you want to sell your ticket, you’ll be paid whatever that price was, minus 10%.

How will I know when my MLB tickets sell on SeatGeek?

We let you know! You will receive a notification and/or email (depending on your SeatGeek notification settings) telling you when your tickets have sold. You can update your notification preferences here! 
SeatGeek also stores your previous sales in your Ticket History in case you ever need to review them.

How will I be paid after I sell my tickets?

SeatGeek uses Direct Deposit (ACH) to send payments for sold tickets. Payouts are sent within 48 hours after the event. In order to receive your payment, you'll just need to add a payout method to your SeatGeek account. Here's all the info you'll need to set it up!

How will I send my tickets to a buyer after they sell?

You don't have to! If you sell your tickets directly from your SeatGeek account or sell your tickets on SeatGeek from the MLB Ballpark app, we will take care of sending the tickets for you!

Upon your tickets selling, we automatically and immediately transfer them into the buyer's account with a new barcode. That way, you don't have to worry about sending the tickets yourself or interacting with the buyer. 

Can I change my mind and use the tickets myself?

Absolutely! You can delist your tickets any time up until they sell. Once the tickets are delisted, you can use them yourself. Keep in mind that if the tickets sell, you will no longer be able to use them and sales cannot be reversed. 

Why are my MLB tickets locked?

If your tickets are listed for sale on SeatGeek, they will be locked from being scanned or transferred out of any MLB Ballpark, MyProVenue, or TicketMaster Club Account Manager until they are delisted from SeatGeek. Head over to Tickets in your SeatGeek account and delist your tickets in order to unlock them. 

Are there terms and conditions I should read?

Yes! Check out our Terms of Use and Seller Terms for all the legal and conditional information you'll need. 

Where can I get help if I need it?

Our team is here to help! If you have any questions, check out our Help Center or contact us!