How do I sell tickets on SeatGeek from the MLB Ballpark App?

If you purchased your MLB tickets on SeatGeek, you may need to link your MLB account to your SeatGeek account in order to sell your tickets. Check out this article for more info on linking your accounts if you purchased tickets on SeatGeek.

MLB Ballpark App

The MLB Ballpark app is a centralized place for tickets from every club! When you purchase MLB tickets, the email address you enter at checkout will allow you to access those tickets through the MLB Ballpark App. 

  1. Tap the button which says "Tap to sell your tickets!"


  2. You will then be able to select the tickets you'd like to sell on SeatGeek's Marketplace and tap "Continue"




  3. You will then be transferred over to SeatGeek where you will now see your tickets' event. Tap the event's image for your tickets

    Before tapping the Zephyrs vs Bobcats event:


    After tapping the Zephyrs vs Bobcats event:

  4. Finally, tap the "Sell" button underneath your tickets to pull up a menu which will walk you through listing your tickets!


For some teams, you will be asked to link your SeatGeek account and your MLB Club account for instructions on how to do that, check out this article!