How do I link my MLB account with SeatGeek?

Linking your MLB Club account makes managing and selling your MLB tickets easy and seamless. There are three ways to link your accounts depending on where you originally bought your tickets and where you want to start the linking process: 

Bought on SeatGeek Bought elsewhere: Club account Bought elsewhere: SeatGeek account

If you have purchased your MLB tickets on SeatGeek, you will need to link your accounts in order to access your ticket barcodes. The process to link your accounts is simple! 

  1. Head over to your Tickets in SeatGeek where you’ll see a “Create or link MLB account” button at the top of your tickets and again when you’ve selected the tickets in question. Tap that button in either location to start the linking process!

tickets section with linking banner     linking banner in ticket view

  1. You'll then be prompted to create or log into your MLB team account and allow SeatGeek to access it in order to complete the linking process!
    1. (note: if you need to create an MLB account, you will need to use the same email address on your SeatGeek and MLB accounts in order to link them) 

mlb login and access authorization 

Note: After linking your accounts, it may take a few minutes for your MLB tickets to appear in SeatGeek. You will receive an email confirmation once your tickets are available in your SeatGeek account.