What are SeatGeek recommendations?

Based on your preferences and the preferences of other SeatGeek users with similar tastes, SeatGeek makes predictions about artists and concerts that we think you'll like and/or that you might have forgotten to track on your own.

What influences recommendations that SeatGeek makes for me?

Actions you take on SeatGeek (e.g. tracking or buying a ticket to a concert) and on other networks that you have connected to SeatGeek (e.g. liking a band on Facebook or listening to a song on Spotify) give us clues about what types of things you like. We use these signals to tailor artist and event recommendations just for you.

You can explicitly tell us which artists and events you're interested in by adjusting your tracker settings at seatgeek.com/account/tracker.

How can I improve the recommendations that SeatGeek makes for me?

To help us make more relevant recommendations, all you need to do is track more artists! You can tap the heart icon while browsing SeatGeek to track your favorite artists, teams, and upcoming events. When you track a performer or event on SeatGeek, we use it to…

  • Notify you of relevant things like just-announced shows or drops in ticket prices for events that you want to attend
  • Make recommendations about other artists and events in your area that we think you'll like

Are SeatGeek recommendations available in an API?

They sure are. For full documentation of SeatGeek's API and other developer resources, visit developer.seatgeek.com.