Where does SeatGeek get its venue maps?

SeatGeek's venue maps are all homemade! We were disappointed with the quality of venue maps that we saw on other ticketing sites and even on venues' own websites, so we decided to design and build better ones ourselves! We're constantly working to cover new venues and add new features to the maps to make them even more useful.

What is Seat View?

Seat View is the name for the images embedded in our venue maps that show the view from a particular section. If we have images for the venue where you're looking, you can find the Seat View images by clicking on one of the pins on the venue map.

SeatGeek also has webpages for individual sections at some venues. These pages include large, high-res Seat View images. 

Can I see individual seats in SeatGeek venue maps?

Unfortunately not. Though we would like for the answer to be yes, the quality of seat-level data that we pull from sellers' websites isn't reliable enough for this to work. Many sellers don't even provide seat numbers of the tickets they are offering at all. For this reason, we only show row-level detail in our search results and venue maps.

Why don't all venues have maps?

We've spent a lot of time designing and making the venue maps on SeatGeek, but we haven't covered every venue just yet. It's only a matter of time!