How do I sell my MLB Tickets on SeatGeek?

Please Note:

Instructions in this article are referencing tickets for MLB Baseball games only. Events other than Baseball (like concerts) which take place in an MLB venue may use a third party platform or ticket provider and may or may not be eligible for resale on SeatGeek. Please refer to your order information for more info about concerts and other similar events. 

There are a few ways to start selling MLB tickets on SeatGeek depending on a few factors.

If you access your tickets using the MLB Ballpark app or, you can start here.

If you purchased your MLB tickets on SeatGeek, you will simply be asked to link your MLB account to your SeatGeek account in order to sell your tickets. Check out this article for more info on linking your accounts if you purchased tickets on SeatGeek.

If you did not originally buy your tickets on SeatGeek, then the easiest ways to list your MLB tickets for sale are below!

Do you have tickets for the New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox, Seattle Mariners, Atlanta Braves, Arizona Diamondbacks, Colorado Rockies, or San Diego Padres?

No, I don't have tickets for a team above Yes, I do have tickets for a team above
  1. Log into your Club-specific account or the MLB Ballpark app as normal and navigate to “My Tickets,”
  2. Click "Sell" and select the tickets in your Club account or MLB Ballpark account which you'd like to list for sale. Tap continue and you will be redirected to SeatGeek,
  3. After logging into SeatGeek (or creating a SeatGeek account if you don't have one already), you will see the tickets you were looking at in your MLB account! You will also see a "Link account" button at the top of your screen

    linking banner and button

  4. To finish linking your accounts and importing the rest of your tickets, tap or click the "Link account" button and select your team. (Note: some Clubs do not require or support account linking and will be "greyed out" in the pop up menu. To sell tickets for any of those clubs, see "How do I add MLB ticket barcodes to SeatGeek?" below).

    menu of MLB Clubs

  5. After selecting your team, log into your MLB team account and allow SeatGeek access to it in order to view, manage, and sell your tickets. 

    login and access authorization

  6. Back in SeatGeek, tap "Sell" and select the events you'd like to sell for. 
  7. Click or tap the Sell Tickets button, 
  8. Follow the instructions in the pop up window to set your price and quantity, and then select "List Ticket(s)."
  9. That's it! Congratulations! Your tickets are listed for sale!

Need more help? Check out this guided workflow that takes you through each step! If you're still having trouble, feel free to contact us!