How do I access my Flash Seats transfer?

When your tickets are fulfilled through the Flash Seats app you will not see your tickets themselves. Instead, you will see a Mobile ID QR code. The event staff will scan this mobile ID to let you and your party into the event. Check out this short video on how to accept a Flash Seats transfer below.

  1. Begin by creating an account with Flash Seats using the same e-mail address you provided when you placed your ticket purchase.
  2. Once you get logged in, you will see a Mobile ID option. This page will reveal a QR code for the event staff to scan. You will also see the name of your upcoming event at the top of this Mobile ID screen.

Screenshot_20190305-105358.png                       Screenshot_20190305-105407.png


You can also check that you have tickets for your upcoming event by clicking the Account option. This will take you to a screen that will show you your Active Tickets and My Tickets. Here, you can see that your ticket transfer has been sent and received successfully.


Sometimes, sellers fulfill through a 3rd party app associated with Flash Seats called AXS. If, for any reason, you cannot locate your transfer in Flash Seats you can download the AXS app and create an account there. The same steps you followed above should reveal the Mobile ID required for event entry.
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