Is there parking available at State Farm Stadium?

Yes! There are several paid lots surrounding State Farm Stadium. For more information including a full parking map, visit this link:

Arizona Cardinals parking areas open four hours prior to kickoff and close one hour after the game ends. The only exception is the Oversized Lot (Lot F) that opens 4.5 hours prior to kickoff.

There are several parking lots surrounding State Farm Stadium, but not every fan can park in every lot. Parking is broken down by single-game purchasers and season ticket members, and the distinction between the two is pretty important.

Single-game purchasers will have the ability to park in either the yellow or black parking lots for $20/spot (subject to change).

Season ticket members are assigned lots based on their package and how many seats they own, but make up all of the lots shown on the map above. There are 3 tiers of parking lots at play for season ticket members: complimentary, preferred, and oversized.

Complimentary parking lots are free with the purchase of season tickets, preferred lots are $300 per season pass, and the oversized lot is $600 per season pass.