Super Bowl LV

Looking ahead toward 2021's Super Bowl LV? We've got all the information you need right here! We're keeping this page updated with any changes announced by the NFL, so be sure to keep checking back before game day.

Event Capacity and Safety Protocols

The NFL takes fan safety seriously, and all attendees must adhere to Super Bowl LV Safety Measures. Please note that you must adhere to these protocols regardless of whether or not you have received a COVID-19 Vaccine.  

All fans attending NFL games this season must wear a face covering, and Raymond James Stadium will have venue-specific safety protocols that you can find out more about here.

Currently, the NFL is planning on hosting the Super Bowl with 20% fan capacity. This may change leading up to the game, but we'll keep this page up-to-date with any further news. To learn more about reduced-capacity NFL games, check out our article here.

Mobile Ticketing

Click here for the NFL's guide to Super Bowl Mobile Tickets. 

Super Bowl LV will be ticketed using Mobile Entry tickets, which means that your phone is your ticket! Mobile tickets are the safest and most secure way to get you into the game, and we’re here to help make sure you can access them.  


Due to the nature of this event, we are requiring all SeatGeek customers who purchase Super Bowl tickets to have a fully verified SeatGeek account with a password before we fulfill the order. To learn how to verify your SeatGeek account, click here. To learn how to set or reset your password, click here.  

The Super Bowl will have its own mobile app where all tickets will be delivered, so you’ll want to make sure you have that app downloaded before game day. When your tickets are fulfilled, you’ll receive an email  instructing you how to accept your tickets, which will involve downloading the Super Bowl app and creating an account.  

And don't worry-- SeatGeek customers who purchase Super Bowl tickets will receive a commemorative paper ticket as well. Commemorative tickets won't be usable to get into the game, but they will look good in a frame!  


Will I receive swag if I purchase tickets on SeatGeek?

Absolutely! We have some great stuff prepared for you this year, and it’s all ready to go! Before game day, we will be sending out an email to all of our Super Bowl customers requesting that you provide us with your mailing address so that we can send you that swag, as well as your commemorative hardstock tickets from the NFL! Keep an eye on your email inbox.

Can I choose to receive paper rather than hardstock tickets?

While you will not be able to use hardstock tickets to get into the game this year, you will be receiving a commemorative hardstock ticket from the NFL by mail. We’ll be sending you an email requesting that you provide us with your mailing address so we can send those tickets directly to you!

I purchased these tickets for someone else. How can I make sure they receive the tickets?

We’ll be happy to make sure that your tickets go to the right place. In order to make sure your order is updated with the intended recipient’s information, please send an email to us at, with the intended recipient’s full name and the email address that they will use to create a SeatGeek account. In order for us to send your purchase to a different recipient, both you and the recipient must each have a fully verified SeatGeek account with a password. Here is information on how to verify your account, and here is information on how to set/reset your password.

Can I buy parking passes for Super Bowl LV on SeatGeek?

The SeatGeek marketplace does not currently support parking passes for the Super Bowl. For official information on Super Bowl parking this year, check out this website.

How do I get help with my tickets on game day?

SeatGeek will be on-call on game day to help you with any questions you might have. Just send us an email at or call our Concierge phone line, which you can find on your SeatGeek app when you view your confirmed Super Bowl ticket order. There will also be NFL and stadium staff available to help you with your tickets at the Stadium itself!

I have a question that isn’t listed here. How do I get in touch?

We’ll be happy to help! Send us an email at with your question and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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