Reduced Capacity Events

Due to the impact of COVID-19, many events will now be occurring under reduced-capacity guidelines. These guidelines are intended to prioritize fan, player, and performer safety and may vary based on event type, location, and venue.  

Many teams and venues are rapidly changing specific venue sections to seat only fully-vaccinated fans. Before making a purchase, please check the notes on the listing you would like to buy. Notes will explain whether or not that section requires full-vaccination. You can also visit the venue's website for more details. 

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as the situation continues to evolve.  

What to know before you go: 

  • Double-check with the venue you’re visiting for specific attendance requirements.  Venues may have varying requirements depending on location or the type of event or venue.  We strongly encourage you to contact them before going to make sure you’re prepared!  
  • Bring your smartphone.  Many venues will be going mobile-only to reduce contact this season, so you’ll want to have your phone so you can display your tickets.  
  • There’s a chance you could be relocated. We know it’s not ideal, but in order to put yours and others' safety first, venue staff may ask you to relocate in order to adhere to COVID safety guidelines. 
  • Don’t forget your mask! Check venue specifications and requirements regarding face coverings before you head to your event!


How will seating work under reduced capacity?

While the specifics may vary from venue to venue, seating will typically be arranged in spaced-out clusters, or “pods” of seats. This way, you and the friends or family in your seat group come into minimal contact with other fans attending the game. All the tickets for a given seat pod must be shared by people who have chosen to attend the event together.

Can I re-sell tickets for reduced capacity games?

Yes! If you want to list your tickets for re-sale, you must list all the tickets in your seat pod together as a group. We can’t allow partial seat group listings, because we don’t want strangers to end up sitting in close contact with each other at the event.

Can I transfer tickets for reduced capacity games?

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to transfer each ticket in your group to the person who will be using it to get through the gate. If everyone has their own ticket on their phone, entry to the venue will be quick and easy! 

Will I have to share a ticket group with an unknown party?

No. In the event that you do show up to your seats to find another party sharing with you, we recommend contacting venue staff for assistance.