Live events and COVID: What to know before you go

Double-check for specific attendance requirements. 

Venues may have varying requirements depending on the state they are located in or the type of venue. We encourage you to contact them or check their website before going to make sure you’re prepared!  

Bring your smartphone and credit card.  

Many venues will be going mobile-only and cashless to reduce contact. At those venues you’ll want to have your phone so you can display your tickets and a card for concessions and merchandise.  

There is a possibility that you will be assigned a new seat.

We know it's not ideal, but to prioritize your safety and the safety of others, venue staff may ask some attendees to change locations in order to comply with COVID safety guidelines. 

Don’t forget your mask! 

Most events are requiring all fans to wear face coverings; don't forget to check venue specifications and requirements regarding masks.  

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