How will I access my Super Bowl LVII tickets?

We’re glad you asked! This year, all Super Bowl tickets will be mobile! You will receive and display your tickets directly from a mobile device. 


Super Bowl LVII tickets may not be available until closer to - or on - game day. This is a security precaution common for large, popular events and events with pricey tickets like the Super Bowl. Don't worry though! Tickets will be sent to you as early as possible and are guaranteed to arrive in time for the game! 

Where are my Super Bowl tickets? 

If you order Super Bowl tickets from SeatGeek, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details on how to access your tickets. Tickets will be made available directly in your SeatGeek account unless your confirmation email or the listing notes on your tickets say otherwise! 

Just log into SeatGeek on your mobile device (using the SeatGeek app or your mobile browser) with the email address you used at checkout. Once you’ve logged-in, tap on the tickets icon at the bottom of the screen. You should then see a block that says "Super Bowl LVII." Next, tap on that block. Once barcodes are made available, you see a mobile QR code associated with your tickets which can be scanned at the gate for entry.

Have any questions about your order? Feel free to contact our team!