What is SeatGeek's Price Match Guarantee?

SeatGeek's Price Match Guarantee will allow you to request a promo code if you have found tickets priced cheaper elsewhere. If you happen to find a better price somewhere else, we’ll add a promo code to your SeatGeek account toward a future order - worth 110% of the difference in price.

For full details on this offer, please review our Price Match Guarantee Terms & Conditions.

How do I submit a Price Match Guarantee claim?

Click here to submit your claim to pricematch@seatgeek.com. Your submission must the following:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email used to sign in to SeatGeek
  • Phone Number
  • SeatGeek Order Number
  • URL of the page with a lower price
  • Screenshot of SeatGeek order confirmation page/email (with timestamp)
  • Screenshot of price available on another website (with timestamp)


All of these items are required. If there's anything missing, that could cause a delay in processing and we may not be able to validate your submission!

When should I hear back about my claim?
You'll receive an update about your claim within two business days.
Why was my Price Match Guarantee claim rejected?
There are a few requirements for your claim to be considered successful. Our team will note the reason why we weren’t able to validate your claim, and you can always try again with a future order. Here’s what we’re looking for:
  • All submission requirements present
  • Screenshots are within 10 minutes of your SeatGeek order confirmation email
  • You cannot be a professional ticket reseller
  • Prices are in USD
  • All taxes and fees are visible
  • The event has not yet occurred
  • The lower price is not on SeatGeek
  • Listing from other website is for the same event, section, row, and available quantity
  • Listing is not posted on public directory and is available through a reputable ticket marketplace
  • Listing is available to the general public (not part of rewards program, contest, travel package, or bundle)
  • Listing is not at a specialty rate through AAA, AARP, student, military or corporate discount, etc

For a complete breakdown of these requirements, please review the Price Match Guarantee Terms & Conditions.

We feel pretty confident that SeatGeek has some of the best prices on the market. If you do have questions or feedback about our Price Match Guarantee, feel free to write to us at hi@seatgeek.com.

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