What are Flexible Tickets?

Flexible tickets are a ticket option that safeguards your ticket purchase against future changes of plans. Life happens and sometimes that means you can't attend the event you bought tickets for.

We get it!  By purchasing SeatGeek Flexible Tickets you can request a refund up to 12 hours before your event starts and get 90% of the purchase price of your order refunded back to you.


How does it work?
When you check out on SeatGeek, you can choose flexible tickets for a small extra cost per ticket.  Choosing flexible tickets means that SeatGeek will send you a 90% refund if you realize later that you can no longer attend.

Make sure to reach out to us at least 12 hours before the event to be eligible.
Can I cancel for any reason?
You can request a refund at any moment up to 12 hours before the start of your event, for any reason. If your date cancels on you, if your kids are sick, if you change your mind, or even if your dog eats your homework.  It's all covered.
How do I know if I purchased SeatGeek Flexible Tickets?
Check your Order Details in the confirmation email you received after the purchase. If you purchased SeatGeek Flexible Tickets you'll see return information. You can also reach out to hi@seatgeek.com and one of our Event Experts would be happy to help verify if your order included flexible tickets.
How do I request a refund?
This policy is supported directly by SeatGeek's Event Expert team. If you purchased flexible tickets and something comes up, just contact us as usual at hi@seatgeek.com or visit our Contact Us Page.
How much will I get back?
If you purchased flexible tickets, you will receive 90% of the total ticket price you paid, as long as you contact us more than 12 hours before the start of your event.

Time Before Your Event Refund %
12 Hours before the event or earlier 90%
Less than 12 Hours 0
Common Questions

Can I use a promo code and purchase SeatGeek Flexible Tickets on the same order?

  • Yes, absolutely! Promo codes can be applied to Flexible Ticket purchases.

For more information on using promo codes click here: Where Do I Enter My SeatGeek Promo Code?

If my order has a promo code attached to it, how does the refund work?

  • We will process a 90% refund on the total cost of the order and the promo code used will be made available for future purchases.
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