How are my e-tickets delivered?

While most tickets on SeatGeek are instantly uploaded to your account, there can be a little wait before you receive them.

In order to ensure the validity of your tickets, most venues will generate the barcodes for them up to 24 hours of the event. It can be a bit nerve-racking to wait to receive your tickets, but you're certain to receive your tickets in time for the event as per our Buyer Guarantee

While browsing listings, you'll see the delivery method in the Notes section. If you've already made your purchase, you can check your confirmation e-mail or the Tickets section of your SeatGeek account to see how your tickets will be delivered. 


E-tickets, or electronic tickets are traditional PDF tickets that are delivered directly to your SeatGeek account. Some e-tickets are delivered instantly to your account, while others have to be released by the venue. Venues may require your tickets to be printed or to be shown from a mobile device, click here for more information. 

Instant delivery

Tickets listed as Instant Delivery means are e-tickets that do not have a delayed-release and will be delivered within a few minutes to your SeatGeek account.

Mobile transfers and AXS Mobile IDs

Some venues prefer to use paperless tickets that are sent via a third-party app using your email address. These tickets are called mobile transfers. This is typically the method used by the artist, team, or venue holding the event. Mobile transfers can't be printed and need to be scanned from a mobile device in order to be valid for entry.

Since mobile transfers can’t leave the platform on which they were created, you’ll be required to set up an account with a third-party to have access to them. 


Mobile transfers will be sent outside of SeatGeek within the venue’s or team’s preferred ticketing platform 24 hours before the event. Sellers have to manually send these tickets via email, so if the tickets are released after their business hours then you can expect to receive them the following day. However, you're guaranteed to receive your tickets in time for the event, as per our Buyer Guarantee.  

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