How can I buy tickets for Portland Timbers & Thorns matches?

SeatGeek is now Portland Timbers’ & Thorns’ Official Ticketing Provider. You can buy tickets at, or at the Box Office outside of Providence Park. The Box Office is open 3 hours before all events. Daily non-event hours for 2019 have not been determined, contact Timbers or Thorns ticket sales for more information. You can find the Box Office next to Gate 2 on the KeyBank Plaza at the corner of SW 18th Avenue and SW Morrison.

General Admission spans sections 101-108 and 202-208. All tickets in the General Admission section are standing room only, and are first-come, first-served. This is also the same section that the organized supporters stand in.

How are my Portland Timbers & Thorns tickets delivered?

All tickets for Portland Timbers & Thorns games get delivered to you electronically as PDF tickets. You can access the tickets on your mobile device using the SeatGeek app or you can print them out directly from your account.

Tell me about the Portland Timbers & Thorns supporter sections!

The Timbers Army roots for the Timbers, and the Rose City Riveters root for the Thorns! Both supporter groups are in GA sections 101-108 and 202-208. If you are in these sections expect fans to be standing, chanting, and singing. Visiting team and rival colors are not allowed in the Timbers Army or Rose City Riveters sections.

How do I check if my Portland Timbers & Thorns tickets are valid or authentic?

The only way to know your tickets are valid is to buy Portland Timbers & Thorns tickets directly from,, or an authorized reseller. Our tickets are 100% authentic and guarantee entry to your event.

How does ADA seating work in Providence Park?

ADA (Americans with Disability Act) seating options are found at all price categories. Tickets for accessible seats are available through, by phone at 503-553-5550, or in-person through the Box Office at Providence Park. When ordering these tickets over the phone or at our Box Office, let us know that you’ll need ADA seating so we can best help you.

I have a question about my Portland Timbers & Thorns tickets, who should I contact?

If you have questions about your Portland Timbers or Thorns tickets please contact one of the following numbers:
 Contact Support  Phone Contact Email
Portland Timbers General Inquiries 1-503-553-5550

Portland Thorns General Inquiries 1-503-553-5550

SeatGeek’s Portland Timbers and Thorns Support Line      1-888-983-1783, 

Portland Timbers and Thorns General Sales Inquiries 1-503-553-5555

T2 General Sales Inquiries 1-503-553-5555