What are seller notes, and what does this note mean?

We always want you to know what you’re getting, so sellers will sometimes leave helpful notes on their listings. The notes might describe the delivery method or something about the seats you’re purchasing, so make sure to read them carefully before buying your tickets! Here’s a helpful guide to some common notes: 

 ADA / American Disabilities Act



Handicapped-accessible seating is often noted as ADA. Some venues will not permit groups without disabilities to use these tickets, and if they do, you’ll likely be provided with folding chairs. If you do not have a disability and are considering ADA tickets, contact the venue to check these tickets will work for you.


Obstructed / Limited View



The venue lists these tickets as having an obstructed or limited view. We recommend researching the view or contacting the venue directly before purchasing if you have any concerns about these seats.


Piggyback   Seats that are sold with one seat in front of the other in a different row. Piggyback seats will still be adjacent to each other, just front-and-behind instead of side-by-side.