How do I invite a friend to use SeatGeek?

To invite a friend to SeatGeek click here. There are various ways you can invite your friends to SeatGeek! Share your personalized link with friends by adding their email and clicking “Send Invite”, or select your favorite social media site to share your personalized link.

For each friend that uses your personalized link to sign up and buy their first tickets on SeatGeek, you’ll earn $10 to use on a future SeatGeek purchase.

More details can be found by viewing our Terms of Use.

My friend made their first purchase.  When will I receive my discount?
Your credit will apply to your account within 24 hours of your referral’s first successful purchase. We’ll send you an email notification once your discount is ready to use.
How do I get a discount on my first purchase?
After being invited to use SeatGeek, you’ll receive a referral link from your friend. Follow that link to have the discount applied to your account.

Then, find yourself the perfect tickets, and when at the checkout page, you’ll see your discount applied.”
Can I apply multiple referral bonuses to one purchase?
Only one referral bonus can be applied per order, and cannot be combined with other discounts. But don’t worry, you have 1 year before your referral bonus expires, so you can use them on your next purchases!
I can't see a discount at checkout.

I referred friends to SeatGeek but I can't see my discount at checkout

You’ll only receive a discount once the friend you invited makes their first successful purchase. Once they’ve bought tickets, we’ll let you know by email that your discount is ready to use! Make sure you use the email address that received our update when logging into SeatGeek. Your discount is only associated with that SeatGeek account, and discounts cannot be transferred to another account.

Still having trouble? Make sure you select an eligible listing by using the filter on the listings page and selecting “supports promo codes” in-app or selecting “promo eligible” from the “ticket types” drop down on desktop.

Note: The discount will only apply on your first purchase and you must select an eligible listing.

I was referred to SeatGeek by a friend but I can't see my discount at checkout

To redeem your discount, you need to click on the link shared by your friend. Without clicking on their referral link, the discount will not apply to your account. If it has been a while since you added the discount, double check you’re logged into the correct account.

Not sure? Head to the Settings page here, and look under “Promo Codes” to check that you have an active discount on your account. If you’re logged into the correct account but the discount still is not showing at checkout, it’s possible that you’ve selected an ineligible listing.

While 95% of our listings are eligible for discounts, some orders through affiliate partners will not accept our discounts. Simply filter by promo eligible on the listings page to only view listings that accept our discount.
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