How do I list tickets for sale?

You can list tickets by visiting the “My Tickets” tab on our website or app, viewing the ticket details for a specific event, and clicking or tapping the “Sell Tickets” button. As long as the tickets you want to sell have been uploaded to your account first, just set your price and how you want the tickets to be split!

If you’re more of a visual learner, the videos below show the process on each platform!

Listing Tickets for Sale on iOS:

Listing Tickets for Sale on Android: 

Listing Tickets for Sale on Desktop: 

NOTE: If you are trying to sell mobile transfer tickets that have been fulfilled through a 3rd party app (outside the SeatGeek app), you will not be able to list these for sale on SeatGeek as our system will not allow uploads of mobile transfer tickets.  You will want to use another platform to list your mobile transfer tickets or sale.