What kind of tickets can I add to SeatGeek?

You can upload original e-ticket PDF files that come directly from the vendor. E-Tickets usually look similar to this: 


Here are some examples of how you would receive these tickets:

  • You purchased e-tickets from another site and received an email with a PDF file containing your e-tickets
  • Your friend bought e-tickets to a show and sent you a PDF file containing your e-ticket

We don’t currently support uploading the following:

  • Scans or photos of paper tickets (even if saved as a PDF file)
  • Tickets for events in the past
  • Tickets for events that aren't already on SeatGeek (you can search with the box in blue navigation bar at the top of this page)
  • Mobile transfer tickets that need to be delivered through a third-party app
  • Hard-stock tickets
  • Gift card or credit card ticket entry

Note: e-tickets you’ve purchased on SeatGeek should automatically appear in “My Tickets” in the SeatGeek app and website.

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