How will I receive my tickets?

There are all kinds of ways that tickets can be delivered! Make sure to check the notes for the expected delivery method before you buy your tickets so you know how they will be sent. Here’s a handy key that helps explain common notes on our listings:

Electronic Tickets /  E-tickets

These will be delivered electronically, most likely as a traditional PDF ticket. Keep in mind that “electronic” and “e-ticket” mean that the tickets will be delivered to you by email, and don’t necessarily mean the ticket will be valid for mobile entry.

Instant Delivery

These tickets will be delivered electronically within minutes of your purchase being confirmed. While all Instant Delivery tickets are e-tickets, not all e-tickets are Instant Delivery.

Mobile Transfer / XFER

You will accept a ticket transfer from a third-party ticketing company. You must use their app to get into the event. Check out how that can look here.

Mobile QR

Tickets are sent to you as mobile QR codes, sometimes within the SeatGeek app. Keep in mind that these tickets have to be scanned from a mobile device, so don’t print them!


Your tickets will be mailed to you. Use these hardstock tickets to enter the venue.

Will Call

These tickets will be available at the venue’s Will Call window under the name provided on the order. Make sure to bring your ID.

LPU / Local Pickup

You will be contacted by the seller prior to the event to arrange a pickup location near the venue where you can get your tickets.

Venue Walk-In

The seller will get in touch with you beforehand to arrange a time and place to meet. The representative will then meet you at the venue and walk you into the event.

GC / Gift Card

You will be sent a prepaid gift card which is linked to your tickets. Use it to enter the event.