Can I get a refund for my order or cancel my tickets?

SeatGeek has an all sales are final policy. Once an order is submitted, we are unable to refund, cancel, or exchange it. The vendors we list also have a general policy that all sales are final. If you ran into an issue with your tickets at the event, click here for more information. 

If you can’t use the tickets (or don’t want them anymore), it’s easy to re-list them on the SeatGeek Marketplace. Check out the videos below to see how.

Android iOS Web

1. Open the SeatGeek app.

2. Tap Tickets in the navigation bar at the bottom.

3. Select the ticket group you'd like to sell.

4. Tap Sell on the ticket group and set the number of tickets that you want to sell and how they're split.

5. Set your price or use our recommended price and tap List tickets. 

  • You can edit or delist your listings by tapping Edit or Delist at any time before the event begins.


The SeatGeek Marketplace can only accept electronic PDF tickets or screenshots of mobile tickets at this time. For more information about the kinds of tickets that you can sell on the SeatGeek Marketplace, click here.
Can I get a refund for a postponed or rescheduled event?

Afraid not. SeatGeek sellers are unable to offer refunds for rescheduled events unless the event is canceled by the artist, team, or venue. We recommend checking the team or venue's website or social media pages after a postponed or canceled event for more information.  

But you have options! If you are unable to attend the rescheduled date you stand a good chance of recouping the cost of the tickets by re-listing them. The vast majority of tickets listed on the SeatGeek Marketplace end up getting scooped up!

Why are all sales are final?

Primary and secondary ticket markets are complex, and most ticket orders can’t be canceled or refunded once they’ve been submitted to ensure the validity of the tickets you’re purchasing.

What happens if my tickets don't sell?

If your tickets don’t sell, then you’re free to take them off the market and use them or send them to a friend using our Send feature! Click here to learn how to send tickets on SeatGeek.

What if I decline a mobile transfer?

Declining a mobile transfer will not cancel your order. If you decline a mobile transfer, please contact us by scrolling down and tapping Contact Support while viewing your order in the SeatGeek app. Click here to see how. 

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