What is Smart Pricing?

SeatGeek's Smart Pricing is a feature which gets you the most out of selling your tickets! A multi-faceted algorithm considers various factors (like historical sales, event data, real-time supply and demand data, and more) to actively and automatically re-price your tickets so they sell at the best possible prices without you needing to do any extra work! 


Not all events or listings are eligible for Smart Pricing at this time. SeatGeek plans to expand Smart Pricing eligibility in the near future.

How do I use Smart Pricing?

Smart Pricing is accessible on seatgeek.com when using a laptop or desktop computer. 

  1. Log into your account and head to Tickets.
  2. Select the tickets you'd like to sell.
  3. After selecting your tickets, you will see the Smart Pricing toggle at the top of the page (available on listings for single events only).

    Smart Pricing toggle
  4. Turn the toggle to "on" and then select "Continue to Summary."
  5. Review your listing and, if you're happy with your listing, select "List Tickets in Marketplace."
  6. That's it! Smart Pricing will gather data and set your listing price within a few minutes.  

When is the best time to list tickets for sale?

It is always best to list your tickets as far in advance from the date of the event as possible. As the event date approaches, ticket prices tend to drop. List your tickets sooner to maximize returns and the likelihood of your tickets selling.

How long will it take for an initial price to be set?

It will usually only take 5 minutes for Smart Pricing to set your first listing price, but it may take up to 10 minutes. As soon as that initial price is set, you will receive an email from SeatGeek to confirm that your tickets are listed.

Are there additional fees associated with using the Smart Pricing feature?

Smart Pricing does not charge any additional fees at this time. Standard selling fees still apply. 

How often will Smart Pricing reprice my listing?

Smart Pricing will actively reprice your tickets up to once every five minutes as needed.

How can I track price updates?

The current price of your listing will always be visible in your account under Tickets. Simply tap on the tickets that you are selling and you will be able to see the listing price. This displayed price will update in realtime with Smart Pricing.

Why did I get a message saying my tickets are no longer being Smart Priced?

This could happen for a few reasons, including your event date becoming "TBD". If this happens, the price of your listed tickets will be the last price set by Smart Pricing. You will have the option to keep this price or make manual updates as you see fit.

Why didn’t my ticket sell with Smart Pricing?

The SeatGeek Marketplace relies on supply and demand and so SeatGeek cannot guarantee that listed tickets will sell under any circumstances. Check out our Seller Terms for more info!

Why am I unable to edit my Smart Priced listing?

Smart Priced listings can be edited on a desktop or laptop. Just go to Tickets in your account while using a laptop or desktop computer. Smart Priced listings are not currently editable on a mobile device or the SeatGeek app.

Why isn't my deal score higher?

Smart Pricing optimizes your listing for the entire time that it is listed.

Can I opt out of Smart Pricing?

Yes! When listing your tickets on the SeatGeek Marketplace, you will be able to toggle smart pricing on or off as needed. If you toggle Smart Pricing off, you will be given the option to use the most recent price set by Smart Pricing or to set a new price of your choice for the listing.