Wallet ticket transfers: FAQ

Some mobile transfer tickets are structured as a link to a secure mobile wallet where you can access your tickets. These types of tickets are usually sent via secure.tickets/wallet (not affiliated with Google Wallet or Apple Wallet). They function similarly to standard mobile transfer tickets but the process looks just a little different.

Here are answers to a couple common questions about this type of ticket: 

How do I accept my wallet transfer tickets?

  1. Search your inbox, spam, junk, and/or promotional email folders for an email with the subject Line “Accepted tickets to [event title].”

    email heding and body with transfer link

  2. Tap the link under "Please find your tickets at" 
  3. You will then see your tickets which you may view and display for entry to your event from there, or open on the wallet platform.

    Ticket from mobile wallet link

  4. That's it! You can share, view, and display your tickets directly from the wallet!

How do I return my wallet tickets through the SeatGeek Swaps program?

Because of the way wallet tickets are structured, they do not follow the standard process for returns through the SeatGeek Swaps program. But don't worry! We've made this guide to help you navigate your wallet tickets Swaps return!

  1. Log into your SeatGeek account
  2. If your order is eligible, you can navigate to the “My Tickets” section of your SeatGeek page, click into the order you wish to return, and hit the “Return Tickets” button.
  3. After that, head over to your email and search your email inbox, spam, junk, and/or promotional email folders for an email with the subject Line “Accepted tickets to [event title].”
    Note: this email will not be coming from SeatGeek.

    email heding and body with transfer link

  4. In that email, you'll see your ticket transfer link - please click on the link and click the blue 'Share' button and enter the email: returns@seatgeek.com.

    If the 'share' button isn't shown on your wallet transfer, you should instead highlight and copy the full link under "Please find your tickets at" and proceed to step 5.

  5. For wallet returns that don't contain the 'share' button, it's mandatory to compose a new email from your email address using the following template:

    To: returns@seatgeek.com
    Subject line: [your order number]*

    Your Name:
    Event Name:
    Order number:
    Ticket Link: (paste the link you copied here)
    *You can find your order number in your SeatGeek Account History.
  6. Send that email over to SeatGeek at returns@seatgeek.com.
  7. That's it! Once we are able to process your return, we will add a 100% promo to your SeatGeek account for your use.