How do I link my LPGA account to SeatGeek?

Connecting your LPGA tickets to your SeatGeek account is simple! You should have received an email from us prompting you to connect your LPGA account to SeatGeek and doing so only takes a few clicks:

  1. Go to the personalized email you should have received and click Connect Accounts. If you are unable to locate the email, you may also click here and enter your email address.
  2. Once you click Connect Accounts, you’ll be taken to where you can either log in or create a SeatGeek account. 
  3. Next, you'll see your LPGA  and SeatGeek account details side by side. Click Connect.
  4. You’re all set! Your LPGA tickets will be viewable in your SeatGeek account once they are available.

Check out the videos below for a visual guide!

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