Selling College Sports, Performing Arts, and Arena or Venues tickets: FAQ

Selling your College Sports, Performing Arts, and Arena or Venue tickets on SeatGeek is easy and we are here to help answer your questions 365 days a year! Here's a breakdown of some common questions to get you started:


This FAQ page does not apply to all College sports, performing arts, and arenas or venues, nor does it apply to SeatGeek's other Partners listed here. Check with your Team or Venue to ensure SeatGeek is their Official Ticket Marketplace.

How do I send my tickets to someone else?

Sending tickets to friends on SeatGeek is super easy! Just head over to the Tickets section of your SeatGeek account, and you’ll find the option to send your tickets.

Select Send, and choose the number of tickets you want to send and the recipient for each transfer. Hit the green Send option at the bottom and your tickets will be sent!

Check out this article for more information!

How do I add my tickets to my digital wallet?

You can add tickets to your digital wallet directly from your SeatGeek account (if your tickets are available there) or from the host school or venue's account!

From SeatGeek account: 

  • Navigate to your Tickets and tap the event to view your barcodes. 
  • Scroll down until you see a button which says "Add to Apple Wallet" or "Add to Google Wallet."
  • Tap that button and follow the guided prompts to finish adding your tickets to your digital wallet!

From host school or venue account:

  • Once you’ve received or accepted your event tickets, go ahead and log in, or create a new account with the event's host school or venue. 


    If you need a new account, make sure to create it using the same email address where your tickets were sent.  

  • Upon logging in, you’ll be shown your tickets in your internet browser. Follow the prompts you are given and tap the button which says "Add to Apple Wallet" or "Add to Google Wallet" so that you can access your tickets on game day!
  • Finally, select “Done” to finish adding them to your wallet.

Please do not print your tickets out, as the QR codes only work when displayed on a mobile device. 

Which tickets can I sell on SeatGeek

Any tickets you purchase on SeatGeek will be available to sell from your SeatGeek account! Tickets purchased through your Team or Venue's Ticket Office will be available to sell on SeatGeek by first logging into "My Account" in your Venue or Team's online portal. See "How do I list my tickets on SeatGeek?" below for more info. 

Will I need a SeatGeek Account?

Yes you will! In order to sell tickets on SeatGeek, you will need to create a SeatGeek account. Don't worry though, because setting up your account is super quick and easy - all you'll need is your name, email, and a password. Register for a free account here to get started!

Pro tip:

It's best to create your SeatGeek account using the same email address as the one you registered with the Team or Venue Ticket Office.

How do I list my college sports, performing arts, and arena & venue tickets on SeatGeek?

If you purchased your tickets on SeatGeek, please check out this article.

If you purchased your tickets directly through a Team or Venue:

  1. Log in to your Team or Venue Ticketing Account.
  2. Tap the Sell Tickets on SeatGeek icon. Select your event and locations to begin the sale process.
  3. Select the seats you would like to put on SeatGeek for sale. 
  4. Click or tap the Sell Tickets button, and register or log into your SeatGeek account.   
  5. Select the event you're selling and then tap Sell. 
  6. Follow the instructions that pop up to set your price and finish listing!

If you have additional questions on how to list, please visit your Team or Venue website or contact your Team or Venue Ticket Office.

What personal info is required to sell on SeatGeek?

In order to sell tickets on SeatGeek, you will need to provide your bank account details, and some additional information required for tax purposes. Additional info for tax purposes may include your name, address, and Social Security Number or EIN (SSN or EIN may be needed for USA sellers as per the IRS. See here for more details). In some cases, you may receive an email requesting additional information, but only if absolutely necessary to securely verify your identity.

We take your security very seriously. For more details on why certain info may be required, please check out this article

Can I trust SeatGeek with my bank info?

Absolutely. Our payment processor only requests this information in order to comply with various tax, anti-money laundering, and sanctions laws. Any information you provide during this process is 100% secure and will never be shared with anyone outside of our payment processor’s verification team.

How do I know listings on SeatGeek are legitimate?

Tickets on SeatGeek are absolutely legitimate! The tickets on SeatGeek are sold by licensed sellers and other SeatGeek customers. Finally, all of the tickets sold on SeatGeek are backed by our Buyer Guarantee

How will I know if my tickets sell on SeatGeek?

We let you know! You will receive a notification and/or email (depending on your SeatGeek notification settings) telling you when your tickets have sold. You can update your notification preferences here! 

SeatGeek also stores your previous sales in your Ticket History in case you ever need to review them.

How do I manage or edit my listing on SeatGeek?

If you’d like to adjust the price or quantity of tickets in your SeatGeek Marketplace listing, you can visit the Tickets tab on our website. View the ticket details for the listing you’d like to modify. Update your listing with the desired price, how they’re split, the quantity, in the designated fields.

How can I take down my listing on SeatGeek?

Great question! It's super easy! Just head over to Tickets, and tap the live event or performer that your listing is for. Now just hit Delist and you're done! 

What do I have to do after my tickets sell?

You won't have to do anything other than sit back and enjoy!

When do I get paid after selling tickets?

SeatGeek uses Direct Deposit (ACH) to send payments for sold tickets. Payouts are sent within 48 hours after the event. In order to receive your payment, you'll just need to add a payout method to your SeatGeek account. Here's all the info you'll need to set it up!

How will I send my tickets to a buyer after they sell?

You don't have to - we will take care of sending the tickets for you!

Upon your tickets selling, we automatically and immediately transfer them into the buyer's account with a new barcode. That way, you don't have to worry about sending the tickets yourself or interacting with the buyer. 

Can I still use my tickets if they don’t sell?

Absolutely! You can delist your tickets any time up until they sell. Once the tickets are delisted, you can use them yourself. Keep in mind that if the tickets sell, you will no longer be able to use them and sales cannot be reversed. 

Are there terms and conditions I should read?

Yes! Check out our Terms of Use and Seller Terms for all the legal and conditional information you'll need. 

Where can I get help if I need it?

SeatGeek is here for you and ready to help! Visit SeatGeek's Help Center for more info!