How do I take my COVID-19 survey?

SeatGeek is now offering in-app COVID-19 screening surveys for eligible events. These surveys can be completed inside your SeatGeek account! 


Not all events are eligible for a COVID-19 survey within SeatGeek. Please check venue requirements before your event as non-eligible events may require you to take an external or different survey. 

What is the COVID-19 survey?

Many sports leagues and venues require all event attendees to complete a COVID-19 screening survey before attending an event. These surveys are made to screen for symptoms and possible exposure to COVID-19. 

Why can't I see my ticket barcodes?

You must take your COVID-19 survey in order to access your ticket barcodes. As soon as the survey is submitted, your barcodes will automatically appear!

When can I access the survey?

COVID-19 surveys will be available in your SeatGeek app exactly 24 hours before your event. Surveys must be fully completed before you can enter the venue. 

How do I complete the survey?

Surveys appear 24 hours before your event. 

If you are accessing your SeatGeek account from a desktop or laptop computer, you will see a button that asks you to complete your survey next to your tickets. 

If you are using a mobile device, you can see that same button by scrolling down beneath your tickets to the box that says "Complete your COVID-19 Survey."

Click or press that button and you will be directed to your personalized survey. You will need to fill in the name for every person in your party (one name per ticket that you have). All survey questions will refer to your whole party so be sure to accurately answer for the whole group. 

For example: If the survey asks, "Have you been recently exposed to COVID-19?" and one person in your group has been recently exposed, then you must answer "yes"  for the whole group.

I'm not sure how to answer for some people in my party. What do I do?

If you're not sure how to answer the COVID-19 survey for everyone in your party, you can use SeatGeek's "Send" feature to transfer tickets to other people. As soon as a ticket is transferred, the recipient will receive their own survey and must complete it before the event. 

You can see how to use SeatGeek's "Send" feature here!

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